• Mon. Sep 20th, 2021

US pharma firm signs manage Dutch analysts for coronavirus medication

A large US pharmaceuticals company has partnered up to develop a medicine from an antibody which can block infection by coronavirus. ‘we’ve been negotiating for some time with different pharmaceuticals firms and have now reached agreement with a single that will generate a medicine in line with protocols’ he said. ‘It will have to be tested on we can begin treating patients and a number of volunteers ‘ The company has stated it takes five or six weeks prior to the medicine was developed, Grosveld said. The group, which will be based in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, did receive a grant of ‘100M euros’ to execute the research, Grosveld said. Asked if that meant that the Netherlands would get a cheap deal Grosveld told but he didn’t understand. In a previous interview, team leader Berend Jan Bosch reported that the patent could remain in the hands of the researchers, while a licence will be taken by the biotech firm in question to the antibody.


The antibody was shown to inhibit development of corona-virus in rabbits and also to combat the disease in animals that have been infected. ‘This mean that the antibody shields in living organisms, which means we could go through to the next phase in the study, with the US pharmaceuticals company,’ Grosveld said. The group went public with their finding. The antibody, a remnant of earlier study into corona-viruses such as SARS and MERS, was discovered in a freezer at the Utrecht university laboratory for animal science. The existence of the old material meant the group had a head start from the global scramble to discover vaccine or a medicine to combat the virus which has killed 370,000 people worldwide so far.

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