• Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

Andrea Legarreta is transferred to the hospital after testing positive for Covid-19

Andrea Legarreta

Andrea Legarreta

A few days ago, actress Andrea Legarreta confirmed that she and the rest of her family tested positive for covid-19.

As we tell you in this note, Andrea received multiple criticisms for having attended public places and blamed her for her own contagion.

Given this, Andrea wanted to clarify that she has been extremely responsible and denied having been infected in the cinema and restaurants she attended as it was spread on social networks and some media.

“I have never affirmed, they say it was in the cinema, uh, the truth of the places where we felt safest was in the cinema. In the restaurant the same, super responsible, taking care of their people, “said Andrea Legarreta.

Andrea also confirmed that she has had some complications and has pneumonia, but nothing serious, she will only be in the hospital for medical supervision.

“They are giving me the intravenous medications, I don’t have oxygen, I have nothing serious, I’m fine … I’ll be there for a couple of days and I’ll go home to heal,” Andrea said.

Regarding her family, Andrea commented that her daughters and her husband are fine, they have few symptoms and there are no major complications.

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