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‘I Would Love My Child To Be Exposed To A Mask Free Environment,’ Says Addite Malik On World Environment Day- EXCLUSIVE

ByFinlay Chavez

Jun 5, 2021
'I Would Love My Child To Be Exposed To A Mask Free Environment,' Says Addite Malik On World Environment Day- EXCLUSIVE

Entrepreneur, actress and wife Addite Malik recently delivered a baby boy in the most unsure phase of the pandemic, and while her delivery was smooth sailing, she truly wishes for a safer, healthier and cleaner environment for her son.

This World Environment Day, Addite shares her thoughts on the kind of surroundings and environment she would like to see her baby boy grow up in. “While Ekbir was born in an environment which was very unsafe to be honest, I am truly hoping the scenario soon changes and my son gets a chance to experience all that our beautiful surroundings have to offer in a more carefree manner. As a mother, I would love my child to be exposed to a mask free environment. By mask free I am not only pointing fingers at the pandemic but also being unmasked from things like air pollution, noise pollution, dirty water, lesser harm towards our greenery and the trees and plants being preserved and maintained rather than cutting them off for industrial purposes,” shares Addite. ALSO READ: Aditi Malik Opens Up On Giving Birth To Her Baby Boy Ekbir Through C-Section; Says ‘As A Mother The Best Gift I Have Is My Instinct’



“Being a mother now it would give me no greater joy than to see my child being able to breathe fresh air while playing in a garden, taking him to visit family and friends without worrying about unsafe surroundings, giving him the best produce to eat with no harmful preservatives and just ensuring that the environment he is growing up in only proves to be healthy and safe for his physical and mental wellbeing. It does seem like a challenge to achieve these things considering the times we are currently living in, but I feel that if we start small, start from our own homes and build up the ideal and healthy environment we are all somewhere looking for, then our children can definitely live in a much more safer space,” concludes Addite. ALSO READ: New Mommy Aditi Malik Is Elated To See Her Son Ekbir Connecting With The Songs He Heard When He Was In Her Womb

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