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‘I Don’t Feel The Team Has Made A Biased Decision’- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

ByFinlay Chavez

Jun 9, 2021
'I Don't Feel The Team Has Made A Biased Decision'- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Indian Idol 12 contestant Anjali Gaikwad was eliminated in yesterday’s episode. Her eviction came as a shock to many to an extent that they started trending to bring her back on show on social media.

Anjali, who is a trained classical singer and youngest contestant on the season, spoke to us in a video interview about her elimination, fans support and future plans. Watch the video below;

Anjali, were you expecting to be eliminated this soon?

My elimination was not just shocking for me but for the entire crew present there. I was not expecting my elimination because I was progressing well. I wanted to be in the top 5. But as per show’s format, someone has to leave and it’s me this time. The decision was taken on the basis of votes and judges’ votes, so I am okay with the decision.

Your fans are highly upset with the decision though?

My fans have seen my journey on the show throughout. And I am sure they are left shocked as they also know I was progressing and they must be expecting me to go ahead as a deserving contestant. This was the first eviction in powerplay, so this has left everyone shocked including me. But I am taking it positively as I have many things to look forward to.

You have been trending on social media and netizens are demanding to get you back. How does that make you feel?

When I was reading all these posts on social media that people were calling me deserving to be in the top 5, I could see their love for me behind that. I am really thankful to all of them for their love and support. I would just like to tell them this is just a beginning for me. I have to do a lot of things in classical singing. And I don’t feel I can achieve that by only being in the show.

A lot of people are feeling that makers are biased towards Shanmukha Priya and hence you were eliminated. Do you also feel the same?

I don’t feel that Indian Idol team has made any biased decisions. I am satisfied with their decision because on the count of judges and janta votes this was done. In fact, I am thankful to the makers for giving me an opportunity to perform on such a big platform and reaching till top 9. I had a very good experience and learnt a lot of things here from the judges and contestants. A lot of celebrities came on the show as guests. I got an opportunity to see them so closely and perform in front of them which is definitely a big thing. Taking a lot of memories from here.

You wanted to support your family with the winning amount as your father was going through a tough time due to lockdown…

I am disappointed about that as I wanted to support him financially with the winning amount which will not be possible now. However, things are now slowly opening up and the situation is recovering at his end also. Papa ki jo financial condition kharab thi ab vo recover ho rahi hai dheere dheere. I have got a lot of support from the people also. So, I am thankful for that.

What are your plans now?

Now, I want to focus completely on singing. My goal is to make my career in classical singing. Because now this is my parents dream also. My elder sister Nandini and I, we both will pursue our career in classical singing and fulfil their dreams. I am already learning classical singing from my father. I want people to know about this form of singing not only in India but all over the world. Holding this classical base I would like to bring versatility in other genres like western, folk.

Who are you going to support now in the show?

There is not an individual contestant as I have a bond with every contestant. So, I am going to support all of them as they all are amazing and equally deserving.

What are you missing the most after eviction?

Singing on the stage and meeting my co-contestants especially Shanmukha and Sayli Di as I had become extremely close to them.

Image Source: Instagram/anjaligaikwadofficial

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