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‘Control’ is this week’s Epic Games Store freebie

ByCandice Hansen

Jun 10, 2021
'Control' is this week's Epic Games Store freebie

The Epic Games Store offers users a . It’s closing out the last week of the current with another big one: Remedy’s terrific . You have until 11AM on June 17th to snag the paranormal action-adventure gratis.

You play as Jesse Faden as you explore the shape-shifting Oldest House, the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control. As you discover the Oldest House’s secrets, you’ll learn telekinetic abilities that will help your battles against a horde of enemies known as the Hiss.

Control is a blast. The byzantine, mind-bending narrative might not be for everyone, but it looks gorgeous and the gameplay is excellent. Ripping chunks out of a wall and hurtling them at enemies never gets old, and there are a ton of areas to explore.

PlayStation Plus members were able to claim Control Ultimate Edition , while Xbox Game Pass subscribers currently have access to the game at no extra cost. Epic has the standard version for free, and the enjoyable DLC is 50 percent off until June 17th. Each of the two expansion packs is $5 and a season pass with both costs $7.50.

If Control doesn’t seem like your cup of tea (there’s no harm in at least claiming it and giving it a try), Epic is also highlighting the free-to-play open-world RPG Genshin Impact. There are some great deals on big games as part of the Mega Sale too, including , , , and .

Meanwhile, Epic has revealed next week’s freebies. Along with a roguelite shooter called Hell is Other Demons, you’ll be able to claim the wonderful for zilch starting next Thursday.

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