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Africa’s week in pictures: 11-17 June 2021

ByAmeerah O'Connor

Jun 19, 2021
Africa's week in pictures: 11-17 June 2021

A selection of the week’s best photos of Africans from across the continent and elsewhere:

Two women walk past a wall covered in graffiti in the Abobo neighbourhood of Abidjan, Ivory Coast on Friday.

Two female swimmers with hands raised

On Saturday, Egyptians Hanna Hiekal and Laila Mohsen compete during the Duet Technical Routine at an artistic swimming championship in Barcelona, Spain.

A dancer of the Reda Folkloric Troupe with her hands spread

Nothing quite as rough for this member of the Reda Folkloric Troupe on the floor of the Opera House in Cairo, Egypt, on Wednesday.

Three women dressed in traditional dresses of the Harari culture of eastern Ethiopia

On Sunday these women dressed in traditional clothes of the Harari culture of eastern Ethiopia step out in style for the inauguration ceremony of the remodelled Meskel Square.

A man holds up a clenched fist during a demonstration in Tunisia

On Saturday, protesters occupy part of Tunisia’s capital during a demonstration against police brutality, after a video of police stripping and beating a minor was shared online.

A man harvesting grapes

In Egypt on Monday, a worker harvests grapes at a farm in Khatatba al-Minufiyah that mostly exports to EU countries.

A woman's hands holding a diamond

On Wednesday, a diamond described as the third largest of its kind ever found was unearthed in Botswana…

A diamond on a table

The 1,098-carat stone found on 1 June was shown to President Mokgweetsi Masisi in the capital Gaborone.

A man counting seedlings

On Friday a volunteer counts seedlings for distribution at the Forestry Commission in Accra as part of Green Ghana Day, an ambitious plan to plant five million trees across Ghana to save depleting forest reserves.

A man in an Ivorian flag making a V for victory sign

And we end where we began, in Ivory Coast, where a supporter of former President Laurent Gbagbo, wearing an Ivorian flag, makes a victory sign on Thursday during a rally ahead of Mr Gbagbo’s return to the country.

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