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‘There is no happiness in life’: Quotes of the week

ByAmeerah O'Connor

Jun 19, 2021
'There is no happiness in life': Quotes of the week

Vladimir Putin embraced Russian literature. President Joe Biden had a fun time at the G-7 Summit, but he does not know the difference between Libya and Syria, apparently. He also seemed to think that the media were a little mean to him. Sen. Chuck Grassley bragged about his superstar athletic prowess, while Ohio Attorney General Josh Mandel made a comparison that’s a little bit out there. Finally, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is a pipehitter, and some pundits are concerned that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won’t let Barbie dolls fart. Here are the quotes of the week:

“I don’t think she’d be insulted, but she reminded me of my mother in terms of the look of her and, you know, just the generosity.”
— President Joe Biden describing his meeting with Queen Elizabeth II. He also wore shades to meet the queen, a breach of Royal Protocol.

“Democrat Jews who support Ilhan Omar are making the same mistake of German Jews who thought that cooperating with the Nazis would spare them. They ended up on the same trains to the same camps as my grandfather Joe from Kielce, Poland.”
— Ohio Attorney General Josh Mandel on Twitter.

“There’s a lot going on where we can work together with Russia. For example, in Libya, we should be opening up the passage to be able to go through and provide food assistance and economic assistance — I mean, vital assistance to a population that’s in real trouble. I think I’m gonna try very hard to, it is, by the way, there’s places where — I shouldn’t be starting off negotiating in public here — but let me say it this way: Russia has engaged in activities which we believe are contrary to international norms, but they have also bitten off some real problems they’re gonna have trouble chewing on and, for example, the rebuilding of Syria — of Libya — you know this is, they’re there, and as long as they’re there without the ability to bring about some order in the region. And you can’t do that very well without providing for the basic economic needs of people, so I’m hopeful that we can find an accommodation where we can save the lives of people in, for example, in Libya.”
— Biden in a press conference after the G-7 summit. He confused Syria and Libya three times.

“Jim [Jordan] and I have teamed up along with Young Americans for Freedom to form the Campus Free Speech Caucus because, let’s be honest, our college campuses these days — these aren’t higher education institutions. These are indoctrination camps.”
— Rep. Kat Cammack, a Florida Republican, on Fox and Friends announcing her partnership with Young America’s Foundation to create the congressional Campus Free Speech Caucus, which is dedicated to protecting the First Amendment on college campuses.

“And, of course, if we’re living under socialism with Barbie, AOC is president. And because AOC is president, we have the Green New Deal. So Barbie lives in this giant mansion, Malibu mansion, all these rooms. Think about how many rooms are in that house. I mean, remember, I mean, she’s probably got that thing filled to the brim with Restoration Hardware furniture, all this space, and yet because of the Green New Deal, she’s not allowed to fart in her own house. Barbie can’t fart! Imagine, Imagine. This is why we’re not leftists by the way. We want to fart in peace!”
— Turning Point USA contributor Alex Clark at its Young Women’s Leadership Summit talking about using Barbie dolls to market conservatism.

“Calling all unapologetic Americans to join me in becoming a Pipehitter.”
— Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announcing the launch of his new Champion American Values PAC. He defined a pipehitter as “someone who is unapologetically pro-American, someone who fights for our future, someone who never gives an inch, someone who is dedicated to standing against the radical Left’s agenda.”

“There is no happiness in life. There is only a mirage on the horizon, so cherish that.”
— Russian President Vladimir Putin through an interpreter while talking to the press after his meeting with Biden.

“They gave me a list of the people I’m going to call on, so, uh, Jonathan, Associated Press.”
— Biden during his post-meeting press conferences, seeming to indicate that his staff directs him what journalists to call on.

“When I talked about the pipeline that ransomware hit in the United States, I looked at him, and I said, ‘How would you feel if ransomware took on the pipelines from your oil fields?’ He said it would matter.”
— Biden recapping a portion of his meeting with Putin in which he discussed the Colonial Pipeline hack that led to a gas shortage in May.

“You never ask a positive question.”
— Biden to the press corps before boarding Air Force One in Geneva.

“I’m not confident I’m going to change his behavior. What the hell? What do you do all the time? When did I say I was confident? I said — let’s get it straight. … I said what will change their behavior is if the rest of the world reacts to them and it diminishes their standing in the world. I’m not confident of anything. I’m just stating the facts. … If you don’t understand that, you’re in the wrong business.”
— Biden yelling at CNN’s Kaitlan Collins. Collins asked the president why he was so confident Putin would change his behavior and how he could call the meeting with him a success. He later apologized for the exchange.

“BREAKING NEWS 2nite my senate softball team ‘the IoWINS’ defeated fellow Iowa senator Joni Ernst’s team ‘squeal team six’ Put that in ur pipe &smoke it (I’m leaving off score 2b nice).”
— Superstar athlete Sen. Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican, taking to Twitter to celebrate a massive win against fellow Sen. Joni Ernst, another Iowa Republican. Ever humble in victory, the champion did not rub it in his opponent’s face by posting the score.

“Let me just say that I am a big supporter of Roe v. Wade. I am a mother of five children in six years. I think I have some standing on this issue as to respecting a woman’s right to choose.”
— House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when asked if an unborn child at 15 weeks is a human being.

“I want the White House’s hair on fire!”
— Sen. Angus King, a Maine independent who normally votes with Democrats, on the need to get Afghan interpreters who helped NATO forces in the War in Afghanistan out of the country before the coalition leaves.

“Critical race theory is bigoted, it is a lie, and it is every bit as racist as the klansmen in white sheets.”
— Sen. Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican, speaking Friday at the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

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