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U.N. human rights chief voices concern over Taliban’s Afghanistan rule

ByAmeerah O'Connor

Sep 13, 2021
U.N. human rights chief voices concern over Taliban's Afghanistan rule

A top United Nations official said Monday that the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan has entered a “new and perilous phase” and condemned the group for breaking public promises on human rights, AP reports.

What’s happening: The comments, made by U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, come as the U.N. hosts a meeting with donors looking to raise funds for Afghans in need, with millions facing severe hunger following the Taliban’s takeover.

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  • U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres is leading the effort to raise $606 million for the rest of 2021 in a “flash appeal” to provide assistance to around 11 million people.

  • “The conference will put to the test some Western governments and other big traditional U.N. donors who want to help everyday Afghans without handing a public relations victory or cash to the Taliban,” AP notes.

Details: The U.N. said that “initial indications already reveal a severe deterioration of the situation for vulnerable people,” adding that it is critical to provide humanitarian assistance because “[f]ailure to do so risks human and humanitarian catastrophe for the more than 37 million people who currently live on less than $2 a day.”

What they’re saying: “Facing deepening humanitarian and economic crisis, the country has entered a new and perilous phase, with many Afghans profoundly concerned for their human rights, particularly women, ethnic and religious communities,” Bachelet said in a statement.

  • Bachelet said that while the Taliban released statements “purporting to grant amnesty to former security personnel and civil servants; prohibiting house-to-house searches; and assuring women’s rights under Islamic law,” she has received information that proved otherwise.

  • “I am also profoundly alarmed by the escalating humanitarian crisis. I call on all States to assist the United Nations and other actors with the provision of humanitarian assistance to the country, while remaining mindful that the provision of such assistance must be rooted in the respect and protection of human rights.”

What to watch: The meeting is scheduled to end with a news conference and closing remarks around noon eastern time.

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