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What We Want to See in the Panasonic S1R and Panasonic S1 Successors

ByCandice Hansen

Sep 26, 2021
What We Want to See in the Panasonic S1R and Panasonic S1 Successors

It’s been a few years since the Panasonic S1R and S1 came out. We reviewed both cameras. And we’ve since updated our reviews of both cameras. It’s prime time for a refresh. To be honest, I don’t know anyone who bought the originals. The Panasonic S5, on the other hand, was very popular. When these cameras were announced, people were much more excited for them than what Canon delivered around the same time. Canon ended up causing more commotion, but Panasonic has done a whole lot to improve. And I’m hoping that the successors to the Panasonic S1 and Panasonic S1R are better. Here’s what they need to do.

Jeez Man, Make the Panasonic S1 and Panasonic S1R Successors Smaller

I’m convinced that whoever designed the Panasonic S1R and the Panasonic S1 had just returned from a trip to Texas. So when these cameras were being developed, they were fed sustainably sourced steroids so that they could get swole. And unlike the Olympus, the EIPA awards don’t do drug tests. That’s how the Panasonic S1R and Panasonic S1 became some massive chonks of cameras. I’m kidding, but they really are enormous. A while back, I shared that the Fujifilm GFX 100S was as large as the Panasonic S1. If Fuji can make a smaller medium format camera, Panasonic can indeed make a smaller full-frame camera.

Or, If It’s Going to Be So Mammoth, Give Us a Reason for That

Alternatively, I’d like to believe that I shouldn’t body shame the Panasonic S1 and Panasonic S1R. It’s what’s inside that counts, right? So there should be ample reason for the cameras to be just that large. How about a larger LCD display instead of a variant of the same recycled one in the industry? Or a tilting EVF? We all know that bigger bodies are better for heat displacement. But all that space should be utilized to the fullest.

Better Image Stabilization

For what it’s worth, I found the Image stabilization of the first-generation cameras to be just okay. If you’re like most city-dwellers, you take your coffee black and intravenous. Folks probably also don’t know all the best methods to hold a camera. So if the Panasonic S1R and Panasonic S1 camera bodies will continue to be mammoth, maybe they should have better image stabilization.

Improved Battery Life

This was a huge problem that got fixed a bit with firmware updates. But these cameras haven’t always had the best battery life. That needs to be improved on, majorly. Maybe use the same excellent batteries the Leica SL cameras use.

Take the Autofocus to the Next Level

It’s time to add more AI algorithms into the autofocus, Panasonic. The Panasonic S1 and Pansonic S1R got some autofocus tweaks to improve them. Bravo! But take them even further. They should be faster, smarter, and able to recognize more subjects.

CineLike Tungsten Color Profile

This would seem as easy as just locking a white balance, right? But there can be a lot more subtleties to it. To anyone who says you’ll just do this in post-production, you’ve got it wrong. Panasonic’s CineLike profiles can be applied to the RAW files in Lightroom. And if they end up working with Capture One, they can do this to the RAW there as well. This isn’t just a matter of applying a setting to a RAW file. It starts with the capture of the colors and the white balance. Indeed, I’ve love for this to happen.

Live Composite in the Panasonic S1R and Panasonic S1 Successors

Put this in those cameras! Seriously, it’s one of the best things about the Panasonic S5. And the more flagship Panasonic cameras should have it too. It’s handy for astrophotography, but it should also be instrumental for lots of other things.

Work with Capture One, Please

This is a huge one. I feel Panasonic doesn’t work closely with Capture One. But the software does a much better job at RAW rendering than Adobe does.

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