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3 Great Lens Filters for Long Exposures Photographers Will Really Love

ByCandice Hansen

Nov 6, 2021
3 Great Lens Filters for Long Exposures Photographers Will Really Love

Neutral Density (ND) filters are typically used by photographers for long exposures. But some of them take it to the extreme. There are lots of great lens filters for long exposures, but some are better than others. Passionate photographers wanting to capture the sunset or sunrise will want to pay attention. We’ve tested a bunch, so we dove into our reviews index. Take a look at some of the best lens filters for long exposures.

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Pro Tips for Using Lens Filters for Long Exposures

Here are some pro tips for photographers using lens filters for long exposures:

  • Bring a lens cloth. Don’t use your shirt or your pants: you’ll scratch the lens.

  • See dust on the image? It’s either on the sensor, the back lens element, or on the filter itself. Be sure to clean it off!

  • If you’re using lens filters for long exposures, bring a tripod.

  • Lock the white balance. Typically if you’re using lens filters for long exposures, you’re shooting some warm sun. Lock the white balance to daylight 5500K to get a consistent color and lots of contrast.

  • Keep the cases that lens filters come in. They’re very handy.

Syrp Super Dark Variable ND Filter

Tech Specs

  • 67mm & 82mm Filter – 9mm thick

  • Small Filter step up rings:
    52-67mm adapter ring – 3mm thick
    58-67mm adapter ring – 3mm thick

  • Large Filter step up rings:
    72-82mm adapter ring – 3mm thick
    77-82mm adapter ring – 3mm thick

The front of the Filters are threaded so you can stack other filters if needed and it will also fit a regular lens cap.

In our review, we state:

“The image quality from the Syrp Super Dark Variable ND Filter still allows your lens to create very sharp images, and for many photographers that will be much more practical and important. Arguably, the Syrp Super Dark Variable ND Filter sharpness beats Lightcraft Workshop and rivals that of Breakthrough and Hoya.”

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Haida Red Diamond 17 Stop ND Filter

Tech Specs

  • Size: 100 × 100 mm

  • Thickness: 2 mm

  • Can be mounted onto the Haida M10 Filter Holder’s Square Filter Slots

  • Also available as an M10 Drop-In Filter for the Haida M10 Filter Holder

  • Toughened, shockproof optical glass

  • ND 5.0 solid Neutral Density filter

  • 17 stop light reduction

  • Darkens entire image

  • Allows reduced shutter speed and wider aperture

  • Not only for long exposure but for shooting the sun

  • Nano coating on both sides, scratch-resistant

  • Water and oilproof

In our review, we state:

“The Haida Red Diamond 17 Stop ND 5.0 Filter significantly reduces light transmission through your lens (128,000 times to be precise). Long exposures will take substantially longer to complete using the 17 Stop ND compared to filters with less light blockage. They can sometimes take hours to finish. Calculating the appropriate duration of your long exposures can also be challenging when using either version of this filter. There are apps available for Android and iOS that can help you calculate this, including a free one offered by Haida. Unless the amount of light remains relatively constant throughout your long exposure, however, these calculations are suggestions at best.”

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Irix Edge Neutral Density ND32000

Tech Specs


Neutral Density


95mm x 1.0


95mm x 1.0








multi-layer NANO coating


double side waterproof and oil repellent

In our review, we state:

“When shooting with the Irix Edge Neutral Density ND32000, I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t see any out of character color shifts. At a white balance locked to 5500K, it stayed at that setting. It was really surprising and astounding. Granted, in digital photography this isn’t such a big deal. But it surely does save you time.”

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