• Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

When fighting COVID-19, “every day counts,” Merkel warns her successors

ByAmeerah O'Connor

Nov 25, 2021
When fighting COVID-19, "every day counts," Merkel warns her successors

BERLIN, Nov 25 (Reuters) – Germany is in a phase of exponential growth in numbers of coronavirus cases, Chancellor Angela Merkel said, adding that every day counted when it came to enacting social distancing measures designed to slow its spread.

Some of outgoing conservative chancellor’s allies have criticised Social Democrat Olaf Scholz’s government-in-waiting for declining to extend some lockdown measures that were put in place by Merkel’s government. Merkel said more social distancing measures were needed.

“The situation is so serious because we are seeing exponential growth,” she said. “And the people who get ill today are the ones who will be in intensive care in 10 to 14 days’ time…. Every day counts.” (Reporting by Thomas Escritt and Joseph Nasr Editing by Madeline Chambers)

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