• Fri. Jun 18th, 2021


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  • The Russian “Sputnik-V” vaccine for COVID-19 worked!

The Russian “Sputnik-V” vaccine for COVID-19 worked!

MOSCOW, Sep 4 (Reuters) The Russian “Sputnik-V” vaccine for COVID-19 produced an antibody response in all participants in the early stages of clinical trials, according to results published recently by…

Pharmaceutical Alliance to Ensure COVID-19 Vaccine Safety

Several pharmaceutical companies working on different projects to get a vaccine against COVID-19 plan to sign a joint commitment not to put any preparation on the market without having fully…

Andrea Legarreta is transferred to the hospital after testing positive for Covid-19

A few days ago, actress Andrea Legarreta confirmed that she and the rest of her family tested positive for covid-19. As we tell you in this note, Andrea received multiple…